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I am a Experienced Senior Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Project Engineering, Mobile Applications, Software Project Management, Software Development, and Interior Design. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Software Engineering from Adventist university of central africa.

I have the technical & communication knowledge. I assist people in managing their help desk or work with them to devise a contingency plan for proper computer maintenance and troubleshooting

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I am a very skilled in Engineering and development of the system especially web/native apps . in addition a have been a kick-ass at data science .

  • data scince
  • web/native apps development
  • IT project management
  • software engineering


Web Design

you have a company or an organisation and you need a responsive and well designed website ?, we offer you all services related to web designing .

Web Development

and if you are looking fof web developer, we are here for you .

native apps

we offer you also native apps designing services using the treeding technology like flutter react native and ionic .youre looking for interface and content covering app, please lets cooperate .


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i do use some content management system including wordpress typo3 .....


all services on an online marketing also we offer it.


we also provide services of branding. if you have an organisation or if you are looking for your branding yourself coperate with us.

graphic Design

we are also good at graphic designing software .

my recent projects

all the projrct for web design, android application design & development, branding and web app development is here for you.


for any question or wanna reach me dont hesitate to cantact me .

kigali , rwanda


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